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Cuddling is as diverse a form of physical bonding as the human species, and cuddlers engage in as wide and idiosyncratic an array of touch as there is a spectrum of personal preferences and predilections. Which is to say, like the cornfields whisper: if you can cuddle it, they will come. But the limitless of human art and imagination hasn’t stopped us from trying to name and define and categorize it. So today, in the spirit of classification and nomenclature, we wish here to bring momentary order out of the miasma of the dreamy cuddle-cloud. To make meaning of the wishes, fears, and desires of the human cuddler, if only long enough to give the various types and subtypes of cuddling names before sending them back out into the wild to multiply and hybridize. Catch and release cuddling classification you could call it, if you were into alliteration.

cuddling is

But if you aren’t ready to dive into the many ways in which we humans cuddle, we’ve got some basics already covered that you might enjoy: if for example you’re still wondering about what cuddling means read this, or if you’d like to to know more about who and what a cuddler is, try here. But if you’re fully aware already of the benefits, if your cuddle-sense is already acute and you’d like to dive a little deeper into the minutiae, then read on – you’ree in the right place.

Below we’ll cover a handful of the basic cuddling positions and forms and, briefly describing each and offering a few examples. In order to appeal to as wide and audience as possible, the cuddling types we cover here belong mainly to the clothed variety. If naked cuddling is what drives your curiosity today, you can read more about it here. Or if you’re interested more in what kinds of furniture can enhance your desire for human closeness, mayhaps you’ll enjoy reading about the kinds of cuddle chairs one can find in this wonderfully varied world of ours. And lest we seem overly anthropocentric, let’s not forget there is a vibrant and healthy (albeit still quite niche) human-animal cuddle culture thriving out there. So if cow cuddling toots your horn, or panda cuddling trrips your trigger, or if cat cuddling is your raisin d’eater, well then pax vobiscum to you my friend, though we don’t have anything to whet your whistle just yet. So, without further ado, the most common forms and styles that human-to-human cuddling takes:

Common Cuddling Styles

Again, this is merely a slection of the ten most common forms.

  1. Spooning: One person lies on their side, and the other person lies on their side behind them, creating a spoon-like shape. This position is often associated with comfort and intimacy.
  2. Face-to-Face Cuddling: Partners lie facing each other, allowing for direct eye contact and close interaction. It’s a more intimate and emotionally connected form of cuddling.
  3. Back-to-Back Cuddling: Both individuals lie on their sides with their backs touching. This type of cuddling provides physical closeness without facing each other.
  4. Leg Entwining: Partners entwine their legs while lying down. This can be a comforting and affectionate way to maintain physical contact.
  5. Sitting Cuddle: Partners sit close to each other, hugging or holding hands. This form of cuddling is common on sofas or chairs and allows for shared moments of intimacy.
  6. Full-Body Embrace: This involves a tight, full-body hug where both partners wrap their arms around each other. It’s a more encompassing and secure form of cuddling.
  7. Head on Shoulder: One person rests their head on the other person’s shoulder, creating a sense of closeness and comfort.
  8. Group Cuddling: In social or group settings, multiple people may cuddle together in various arrangements, forming what’s sometimes humorously referred to as a “cuddle puddle.”
  9. Comfort Cuddling: This type of cuddling is focused on providing emotional support and comfort to one another. It may involve gentle touches, hugs, or any form of physical contact that helps alleviate stress or sadness.
  10. Nesting: Creating a cozy and comfortable nest with blankets and pillows where individuals can snuggle together.

The many ways in which we humans are able to bring ourselves closer to one another is the aspect of

cuddling with pandas - it's a thing!